Help me please guys..

Good day , Earlier I put 150$ on my account and they took my money from my bank but they didnt put the money on my gameflip account or even under review my top up , please help guys thats a big money. Thanks in advance I will appreciate your help. Have a great day

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Wait for a while ,
Since today being sunday I’m guessing that’s a day off.
Most likely it’s verification method that’s pending.

A mod should be in touch with you when? i cannot say

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Thank you sir thats a relief. Because its my first time putting a big money on my account thank you again have a great day.

 @Tali. @DunnBiscuit
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Yes, the first time I put money on the site was on a weekend and was added to my account on the Monday. It’s a pain but as you develop a payment history your deposits will be instant.



I saw that we sent you a ticket requesting some information about your purchase.

Once you answer us, we will be able to verify the information and continue with this process.


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