New to this and already been robbed

Ok so made a gameflip account about a month ago to see what it’s about. I used my Facebook
To link it. Thought it was cool, but was hesitant to put card information on it, until today. Ive noticed I cant messge anyone at all for some reason. I tried to buy a steam game and they charged my card told me to send 4 digit on a bank statement witch only thing I saw was the full purchase and it had 6 digits. None of them worked. I than noticed my email wasn’t verified. Tried to do that couldn’t figure out what my password was to log into the other random page it sends you when navigating through the different tabs because I only linked my Facebook. They ended up canceling my purchase and didnt refund me. Thinking I might of did something wrong I got my email verified password right and tried again . They automatically charged me again same price and the same 6 number that was attached to the bank statement but now I’m under review. Like I’m the freaking jokester that took they’re money. So I dont know what to do. I sent support a email each time. And now I clicked community and turns out my account information didnt work to log in to forums, so I created a forum account I guess. Is this supposed to happen? Am I doing something wrong? Will I get my money back? Am I just writing all of this for it to say you are not allowed to post, when I submit this?

I noticed a lot of people complaining about not getting the 4 digit code - not sure what’s this about.

If the order was cancelled then your money should be refunded within a couple of days depending on your bank. Sometimes it take 3-7 and sometimes 10+ days. Oh and check your Gameflip wallet, maybe it’s there?

Anyway, you can contact the support team via tickets, and also wait for a mod to respond here in the forums. But you’ll need to post your invide/profile code so they can figure out your account on the store itself. You can find your invite/profile code by visiting your store profile (you have to be logged in to see it).

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Unfortunately that going back and forth to have the e-mail verified is common. I also passed through that back in the days. And as BlackEdition said, the amount of days for you to receive back your money really depends on the bank, but you’ll receive it.
BTW since it has been a long time that I got verified… does Gameflip still accepts verification based on bills or now it’s just the ID check to have the account verified?

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Ok cool that makes me feel better thanks for responding I’m still under review and I looked up that I might need to send them my Id card and bank card just to buy something. that’s the kind of stuff I’m not trying to give random people to just have sitting in a file somewhere. Is there anything I can do I was wanting to buy something so I could play it yesterday but looks like I should of just bought it off steam as slow as this ordeal is.

I used a Visa btw if that help I got some screen shots of my statements would that help btw thanks for replying

No worries, mate. :slight_smile:
From my experience it works faster and better when one adds the money to the wallet for future purchases. I always leave some dollars on my Gameflip wallet in case they give some good discount code (which happens almost every friday) and there is some game that I’m interested in.
Unfortunately there are way too many scammers acting on the internet so they take some time to check if the credit is good.
And about sending your bank card info, if it’s the security of your card you’re worried about where I live you can quickly block the card in case of fraud and the card company can’t charge you for the things you did not buy, so there isn’t too much risk there other than the time that you would lose. Not sure if it’s like that where you live, though.

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