Transaction under review / can’t change password

Hi there,

My friend recommended this website so I literally have only been here for around 24 hours and I love the concept already.

I’m having a few issues which are most likely something I’ve caused by being stupid and doing something wrong lol.

So anyway, I’ve probably spent like $70-$80 on here which is probably a lot but I’m a fortnite addict and was excited that I could use codes for skins lol.

I’ve been trying to purchase codes so I could add it onto another account as I actively use two accounts however, I had to do a verification which is absolutely fine and I have submitted my identification. The second issue is I wanted to verify my PayPal as it wanted a verification for that, and then due to changing my password as had the login saved through my application on my phone only, it locked me out my account and gave me an error asking me to contact customer service. I’m really confused is there anything I’m doing wrong?

It sounds like its some kind of antifraud thingy that locked your account, while you might get help here, i suggest you also contact support here:

Thankyou for the reply, I contacted support immediately after the issue however it is the weekend so I don’t expect a response until tomorrow or Tuesday

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