Under review for days..

I added funds to my account days ago, I was asked to submit the code along with my purchase which I did.
I have reached out o support numerous times and haven’t gotten an answer…
Can someone please fix this…?

Hey, can you send me the request number for this issue so I can help you further?

It looks like it was resolved, but now I’m locked out of my account because I no longer have access to my number. Why can’t I just do an email verification? It’s been days since I made my initial purchase.

Hello @elessard,

Unfortunately our system only works with phone verification. If you have a new phone number, contact us so we can help you change the phone number registered into your account to the new phone number you have.


I’ve had problems with Gameflip I’ve been cheated by a user named The GS store he cheated me by getting my code and never getting me my payment in bitcoin don’t ever trust him