Locked out of my account

I got locked out of my account. I needed to make a withdrawal but PayPal declined it so I attoented to give it to the right account and transfer it on the correct PayPal. Got screwed out of ever getting my money out. It’s my money and the user guidelines put Gameflip over it. I can’t change PayPal’s until 50 sales?! Why ? I’ve had this account for over a year. Now I literally can’t withraw even to that one. I’m pissed off. Support won’t talk to me it’s been over 2 days.

Unfortunately if you don’t have the 50 sales, we can’t help you by changing the PayPal account.

It is a Gameflip policy. If you want you can keep the money there untill you can change the PayPal account or you can use it to purchase anything you want from the marketplace.