Hi, could I get advice.

Hey, I recently became apart of the game flip community and when I setup my account I put my PayPal (old) totally forgot it couldn’t receive funds. I emailed support and they told me I need 50 completed sales. I’ve got a bunch of gift cards ect go sell but scared as I might not reach the 59 mark and my money might get stuck. Any advice?

@DunnBiscuit you seem to be helping everyone so could I get your advice?

The moderators may need your profile code to identify your Gameflip account. If you browse the forum for 15+ minutes you can go to the moderator’s profile and click on the new “Message” button to private message them.

M1YYKN I’ll wait for a response here so they don’t get confused with the thread and pm

Hello, unfortunately there is no way of changing this. You must have 50 sales to be able to change the PayPal account. If you can’t get to such number of sales, you may spoend it in the marketplace to purchase any items there.

Thank you.