Help me !!! Please

I want to change my email Paypal payment
I talk with you guys two times but no answer
AnyHelp :sleepy:

Only accounts with 50 or more successful sales are allowed to switch PayPal accounts for payout.

If your account is eligible and you would like to switch your current PayPal linked account to a new one, please inform us via ticket, so our team can review your case.

Lucy :heart:

@CidxLucy I want to change my PayPal because this account not working
I’m not a seller
I want to buy gift cards
Please help me !!!

You have have post your invite code here or PM @DunnBiscuit, when they get on they can look at your ticket. I’m not sure if they will unlink it being you dont met the requirements.

Lucy :heart:

She is right. Dont really think they will accept ur request unless you have what they ask for. For your information, gameflip team doesnt works on saturday/sunday so you should except and answer on monday if you PM Dunn today.

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this my Code : UL22EC

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