Looking for US itunes gift card $50,$100,$200,$500

Im looking for us itunes gift card as 30-35% off. $100, $200, $500

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I can supply with 20% off , this is my profile https://gameflip.com/profile/us-east-1:b2680722-4869-4fd7-aa6d-bc3b47ad658d/gift-card-world?page=1&start=0

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Hi there friend. I have seen severalsellers with the exactly same store bio as yours !!!
E.G.: https://gameflip.com/profile/us-east-1:b6223a9c-5147-4222-b470-c9aaba963c3b/envilstore?page=1&start=0
and https://gameflip.com/profile/us-east-1:b8395814-5826-4f9e-ad9d-99a9865ae0e8/proseller?page=1&start=0

Do you have multiple accounts or suddenly people started copying your store bio?


Actually they are not !! They are new seller and trying to fake me , please report them ! I only have one account is Gift Card World !

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I see your listings, but I don’t just like way you sell

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what is the problem ? Please tell me so i can fix and improve my service

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I have a question, what’s up with the rush that the seller HAS to redeem your code immediately after you sent it? That seems shady. Surely you can wait if there were nothing wrong with the codes.


I’m reseller .This is example : when i have buyer -> i go contact my supplier -> supplier give me the code -> i sent to buyer -> buyer confirm the code is good ( no need to complete the transaction , i can wait for 3 days if there is anything happens with the code ) -> i pay back to my supplier after buyer confirmation


If you don’t hesitate to wait 3 days can buy from you

Oh okay then. Question do you plan on getting eBay codes?? I’d need a $300 eBay code. I would be willing to pay $260, no more than that. Please let me know!

But i think you are in violation of terms of service of gameflip

You cannot sell what you don’t have

I think so

So gift card sellers on Gameflip don’t need to have the physical card to sell those or even send Gameflip receipts from the gifts cards? For some weird reason I always thought they needed provide any of those.

If someone reports you, you may be suspended

I got physical gift card , but not really for receipt

Really ? I already tell moderator in a dispute case that i’m reseller , i have no problem

Just curious do you know how your supplier obtains his codes? (rewards program or cash back rewards or something?) I was always worried when the seller provided codes that had time frames (often obtained with CC/PayPal fraud or they take pictures of the code in store (would seem like your situation) and wait for someone else to activate). Another red flag for this type of fraud is if they do not provide the exact denomination. (You want $50? Here’s 5x$10.) I saw others take them up on the offer and they’d get burnt in the end when chargebacks happened and their supplier was gone. They ended up being liable for the amounts and having their accounts banned. You have to question why they would opt to use a middle man when they could unload it so much faster and easier on their own if they posted it all for the percent off you are getting rather than 1 at a time as you happen to get orders. Maybe it’s just a good friend helping you out, but it’s always good to be skeptical of your source.

I personally stopped with GC reselling myself because there’s so many scammers now (even more than when I stopped selling them in 2017), the legit suppliers couldn’t keep up with demand, and it was hard to compete with fraudulent sellers who could offer 30-40% off.

The listing doesn’t violate the ToS though as people have often complained about resellers doing this in the Steam section with a 1 day send time and then buying it off some other site. However, “When you purchase and use Amazon Gift Card , that’s mean you accept with potential risks ( balance hold , account get closed etc…)” that in the description is something that needs to be looked into. Those are not normal risks associated with a legitimate gift card supplier. If you continue reading the instructions get even sketchier.

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It seems that you were right because he got banned for reselling cards from third parties.

Hey 000, it seems you have way more knowledge on the matter than me, so would you mind clarifying something for me? I bought a 50 USD steam card and the seller acted shady as hell (rushing and stating multiple times that I HAD to redeem my code immediately after he sent it, and he said multipletimes he would only send the code to me if I agreed with those terms).

So here is my question: do you know how long until I can be confident that I won’t be hit by a charge back or some other activity that would screw me over on Steam? 1 month? Have you seen cases of scammers selling gift cards that took longer for whoever redeemd the code to lose the Steam wallet credits?

I have what you want I am big vendor daily 20k

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