Looking for a new gift card supplier. Will be ordering $35,000+ a month.



Im a reseller in the process of looking for a new supplier on Gameflip that can provide me with new stock at least once every week at a great discount. If you think you’re up for the job, then please continue reading!

  • Looking for pretty much all kinds of digital gift cards (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo) for USA/worldwide region.
  • Looking for discounts below value of at least 10% (preferably 15-20% or more, if you can).
  • My monthly order size can reach up to $35,000. Averaging about $10,000, and sometimes $5000 in slow seasons.

Proof that im legitimate:

This is my profile and the mods can confirm my identity with my invite code PQGUMT:

Terms (some are negotiable):

  • Your gift cards and your source have to be 100% legitimate, meaning even if the code doesn’t get activated for year it still has to be valid for use.
  • You need to have a high positive feedback and has been a registered user for at least a couple of months (no new sellers).
  • Will only deal with sellers that can offer a discount of at least 10% below actual value. If you can do more than that, then you have a better chance of scoring a deal with me.
  • Only sellers with a stable supply are welcome (sorry but not looking for a one-time order from some random person that just wants to get rid of his unneeded gift card).
  • You have to be ok with me not rating you right away because I can’t waste hours going through hundreds of listings every week. Have no worries because you will still receive a positive feedback from me automatically after 3 days.
  • Your listings have to be set to Auto-Delivery. I won’t accept anything else unless you have a really good offer.
  • Will only buy from you using Gameflip’s platform. So don’t try to lure me outside of here.

Send me your offers! you can also PM me if you prefer.

(Yes I know about Steam Pumpkin and I have been dealing with him for months, but he stopped selling discounted bundles, raised his prices, and he might be quitting the business soon).


I can provide all of that for you


Please post your profile link so I can check you out.


Still looking.


Bump. Serious sellers only please!