Looking for a new gift card supplier. Will be ordering $35,000+ a month.


Im a reseller in the process of looking for a new supplier on Gameflip that can provide me with new stock at least once every week at a great discount. If you think you’re up for the job, then please continue reading!

  • Looking for pretty much all kinds of digital gift cards (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo) for USA/worldwide region.
  • Looking for discounts below value of at least 10% (preferably 15-20% or more, if you can).
  • My monthly order size can reach up to $35,000. Averaging about $10,000, and sometimes $5000 in slow seasons.

Proof that im legitimate:

This is my profile and the mods can confirm my identity with my invite code PQGUMT:

Terms (some are negotiable):

  • Your gift cards and your source have to be 100% legitimate, meaning even if the code doesn’t get activated for year it still has to be valid for use.
  • You need to have a high positive feedback and has been a registered user for at least a couple of months (no new sellers).
  • Will only deal with sellers that can offer a discount of at least 10% below actual value. If you can do more than that, then you have a better chance of scoring a deal with me.
  • Only sellers with a stable supply are welcome (sorry but not looking for a one-time order from some random person that just wants to get rid of his unneeded gift card).
  • You have to be ok with me not rating you right away because I can’t waste hours going through hundreds of listings every week. Have no worries because you will still receive a positive feedback from me automatically after 3 days.
  • Your listings have to be set to Auto-Delivery. I won’t accept anything else unless you have a really good offer.
  • Will only buy from you using Gameflip’s platform. So don’t try to lure me outside of here.

Send me your offers! you can also PM me if you prefer.

(Yes I know about Steam Pumpkin and I have been dealing with him for months, but he stopped selling discounted bundles, raised his prices, and he might be quitting the business soon).


I can provide all of that for you

Please post your profile link so I can check you out.

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Still looking.

Bump. Serious sellers only please!

Still looking for a supplier. Please don’t waste my time if you’re not serious about this.

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Hey what cards are you liking for if you don’t mind me asking
Send me a pm if you want

Hi, read my main post as everything is mentioned there.

Please share your profile link on Gameflip store so I can check you out.

Sorry I started lower down on the post for some weird reason but ok I’ll post my profile but the cards your looking for I can get ahold of yet

So what can you get from these?
iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo.

PM me the denominations that you can get, and your prices for each one.

Still looking for a supplier for iTunes & Google Play.

I started selling recently but my fund is limited so it’s hard to provide you that much daily. I’ll be able to get more for you once my withdrawal time goes down.

You forgot to post your store profile.

It seems you’re only doing 4% off of iTunes $25 and considering I’ll still have to pay a fee of 3% for Gameflip when paying by a credit card, it comes to $24.72 for iTunes $25.

That’s not really viable for me. But I’ll keep an eye on your profile in the next weeks and see what you offer.

What’s your desired rate? I can’t give you 10% but I can’t bear another 10% from Gameflip

10% is at least what im looking for.

Can do with some of the listings I offer. Lmk if you’re interested.

Post your store profile link.