Looking for a new gift card supplier. Will be ordering $35,000+ a month.


Thank you but as mentioned in my main topic, I don’t buy from new sellers with low feedback, sorry.


That’s fine.


Bump still looking! Especially for iTunes & Google Play.


I am from outside Britain
I am working in the Amazon market
I receive my gift cards
Because I can not get a bank account in Britain
I do not know how to transfer my earnings into cash
can you help me


Are you still an active buyer on the site? I’m thinking of selling higher value cards at 10% as you suggested but I’m afraid noone will buy. Stocking the inventory and hoping it’ll be sold out aren’t a good idea.


You can sell your Amazon gift cards on Gameflip’s store.


Don’t worry im sure you’ll easily find buyers as currently there’s no one dominating the iTunes market on GF. By dominating I mean offering reliable gift cards at a good price in a continuous supply.

I watch GF’s store closely and im active every day. Just list something for more than 10% off and rest assured that people will come looking for you. You can be the new Steam Pumpkin! :wink:

But honestly I still need for more than 10%. Looking back at the prices of my previous hundreds of orders, the sweet spot for me is 12%, otherwise I would be paying more than what I used to pay for months and I can’t disappoint my previous B2B customers by raising my prices.


Always fooled
I want a client
I deal with him with complete confidence
Always buy from me
1000 per month approx


If you’re looking for someone to buy from you outside of Gameflip’s store, then you’re in the wrong place.

But if you still want to sell on Gameflip’s store, then you can’t control who buys from you.



All purchases made on Gameflip are protected for free and our Gameflip Guarantee ensures that you get the item as described or your money back.

What is not covered

Transactions performed outside of our platform are strictly prohibited by our Terms of Use and will not be covered by our Buyer Protection Guarantee.

Asking someone to trade out side of Gameflip would broke ToS and the Guarantee is not cover outside Gameflip.

Breaking ToS could get your account temporary suspended or permanently suspended.

Lucy :heart:


Someone tried to cheat on me
Wrote this comment
Down below my card and I trusted himد
neam Alexander

I thought it was real
He then deleted the comment

Your code has been purchased! We are having technical issues with the automatic delivery service, so You must make the manual delivery. You must send the code to Your buyer’s email [benherzog923@gmail.com] Once the code has been sent, the buyer will have to confirm that the code is delivered and You will receive Your money! Order - #CT10ES2012


Yes those are scammers trying to scam new sellers that don’t know how the website works.

There is a warning above the comments in your listing that says:
Caution: Comments are written by the marketplace users. Gameflip will never write comments on listings.

So don’t fall for those scammers. Good luck to you.