Looking for a new gift card supplier. Will be ordering $35,000+ a month.


Codes from Steam Pumpkin


I already buy from him, but not as much as I used to for the reasons I mentioned multiple times in this thread.

I’ve been keeping my eye on iTunes & Google Play categories since Dec. of 2018, and to this day I haven’t seen any regular sellers listing those gift cards in a continuous supply with varying denominations. All I see is people listing limited quantities with one or two different denominations (just like you), which doesn’t really cut it for me and I explained that to you before. I want a seller dedicated to providing all denominations with a stable supply and has a good feedback and most importantly, someone that offers a nice discount. Steam Pumpkin has excellent support and he’s the most trustworthy seller around here, but that’s not really enough as his prices aren’t desirable anymore for me.


Who’s being rude?


You are the rude one, you make senseless comments on peoples post, please stay out of mine, or I will repot you, I still have the messages you sent me, if you don’t have a meaningful comment then stay :mobile_phone_off:


I hope @DunnBiscuit take an action against @Shannon_Parker1 and suspend his account here.

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Why do you hope that


Well, you are being rude to every single person here in the community and if i am right @DunnBiscuit will either warn you or suspend yout account.


What happened


Ok everyone let’s stop this right here. No more comments outside my main subject please because I don’t want this thread to get closed. Thanks

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Earlier or later Amazon closes accounts using gift cards from here. I lost 2 already. 1 still alive.
I buying a lot here:

The problem with local supplier is that they can send you a lot of legit cards but one day decide to make some extra money and send you bad card. And you never know about it. Amazon will not share which card was bad.https://ibb.co/0KXJMRx


Don’t buy from suspicious sellers. All the Amazon gift cards I bought from RiotGiftCards are genuine and not an issue whatsoever.


@BlackEdition i can supply you any amount of gift card almost of USA brand with life time warranty for cards .


Nice! You have lots of products with good variety!

But unfortunately your prices are not ideal for resellers like me because there’s not much to profit from when selling for original value.
Example: Your price for PSN $50 is $47.94, which will cost me $49.38 because I have to pay Gameflip’s credit card fee. Now If I sell this for original value (for $50) that’s not going to help my business because my profit is only $0.62.

Also everything you offer is not auto delivery, which doesn’t work for me because when I buy i’ll need it delivered instantly.

Any chance you can make them 10-12% off with auto delivery? we can do great business together this way.


i can explain the thing . people want custom gift card several times . and to avoid fraud i stopped auto delivery . because some fraud buyer buy listing and then open dispute , so before delivery i always communicate with buyer . if buyer looks and talk in good manner then i proceed for delivery .

i know this case decrease little selling but Fraud buyer issue zero percent , i faced only one fraud buyer dispute till date after changes in my policy for delivery . i also provided some good suggestion to gameflip support to decrease fraud buyer on gameflip i hope they implement soon .

for stock details and more discount u can contact me


What is the lowest discount you can offer on Gameflip?

By the way, I suggest you don’t post your contact information outside of Gameflip. Sometimes they ban people for the reason “conducting sales outside of Gameflip”. I don’t want to see you get banned because you look like a good seller.

I also recommend that you remove your email from your profile description. It’s better to contact GF support or @DunnBiscuit and ask for permission to post your contact info publicly otherwise you might get in trouble.


here on gamelfip big issue is this Selling fees . i used all subscription already . that’s why discount on my listing is less .in starting discount on listing was 8% because i was paying 6% fees , but when reached all subscription cap Gameflip charge 10% fees in that case i am not earning good and still 15 days left to renew any subscription . so i decrease the discount to 4% . i was escalated the issue to Gameflip support but no response from gameflip side . my selling almost stop only 3-4 item sold every day .my buyer on gameflip also message me please give more discount . but i am completely stuck in this situation .