Looking for a new gift card supplier. Will be ordering $35,000+ a month.


Codes from Steam Pumpkin


I already buy from him, but not as much as I used to for the reasons I mentioned multiple times in this thread.

I’ve been keeping my eye on iTunes & Google Play categories since Dec. of 2018, and to this day I haven’t seen any regular sellers listing those gift cards in a continuous supply with varying denominations. All I see is people listing limited quantities with one or two different denominations (just like you), which doesn’t really cut it for me and I explained that to you before. I want a seller dedicated to providing all denominations with a stable supply and has a good feedback and most importantly, someone that offers a nice discount. Steam Pumpkin has excellent support and he’s the most trustworthy seller around here, but that’s not really enough as his prices aren’t desirable anymore for me.


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