Purchase reversed

Ok so I tried out selling for the first time and its completely a waste of time because you need to wait 7 days to get your money and “coincidentally” 2 hours before I recieved my $30 gameflip decides to reverse they payment to the person who purchased from me and the person who bought from me had already redeemed what I sold to them so I can’t communicate with them, gameflip doesnt respond to emails. Its been a week.

I’m really upset. This will probably be the last time I ever sell on gameflip.

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1- i understand that, it happens but I think who bought from you that key or whatever is scammer or something because it happens only when someone scam another one, so he might sent a ticket to gameflip saying lies about your item and gameflip send his money back that’s why your purchase Reversed.

2- Gameflip takes to 1 ~ 2 Days to respond to your ticket if not, so you have to wait until they respond to you maybe they got a lot of tickets that’s why.

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Please post your ticket number or profile code so a moderator can help you.

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