This is why you are not protected outside of GameFlip: Cameron Keys:

See the images lol
Guy says i’m not calm and i’m talking S#$T views be advised


tbh if you don’t have the middleman that Gameflip acts as in any sort of buying/selling gift cards, you’re never safe unless they are well known to be legit.

imo, this “exposing” wasn’t necessary to be posted. Only the mods need to see this and not all of us. The least you could do is to blur out the names.

[User suspended]

My bad let me go back and get another screen shot
Like I told u I recorded it all

Bruh, why they do peeps like this

why would you even agree to make a purchase outside of Gameflip? its a sure way to get scammed, you have ZERO protection, and on top of that, it’s against Gameflip rules and is an bannable offense.

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Underline… Do you understand and if you do dont reply to this reply

Yeah, pretty sure that cameron guy has been trying to get someone to trade outside gameflip for a long time. He’s had comments removed on skins and posted here a few times Mods should ban the account though…


@Kao_Saetern Thanks for letting us know about this. Feel free to report any kind of transactions outside Gameflip.

To everybody that reports this kind of scammer/exploiter, we really appreciate your help!

@MajorTom can you tell me pls, is it normal if seller using API and spamming his litnings every hour or less?

@little_dog Can you send me the seller’s profile via PM so I can further check?

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