Is this allowed?

This seller is selling a generic upgrade key which is freely available from searching the internet. Its quite litterally money from nothing.

Yeah he clearly states that it’s just for upgrading, not for activating. I don’t think this should be allowed. This key is widely available on the internet since 2015 and I think he’s selling the same one:


Although this process doesn’t work anymore and it will say that the key is invalid and won’t let you upgrade from Home to Pro, but there’s a workaround which is unplugging your internet and trying to activate and that should work.

Let’s see what GF mods have to say about this. Maybe they will allow him to do that because he could be considered as selling information for $1.49? :laughing:

If he is allowed to sell that, on the basis of information, then it opens the door for anybody to sell the same thing, even the same type of key.

I took down the listing and warned the users.

Thank you.

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