Windows 10 pro key no longer valid.

Hello, I have tried: emailing (but all I have is a no-reply address), opening a support ticket (but I have no invite-code, so I can’t submit my ticket), as well as making -I believe- 4 accounts in total now, just to be able to talk with someone regarding my situation.

Tue, Mar 6 (2018), 11:27 AM is when I received the Windows 10 Pro serial that I ordered from Gameflip.
Today it suddenly stopped being a valid serial, which leaves me with a stupid watermark in my screen.

Item: Microsoft Windows 10 Professional (Pro) KEY OEM Global
Item ID: d28442a8-d3c8-4f2c-aaae-42f442974be4 (payment id)

I’m sure it’s just a glitch or a bug.
Standby to provide you with more details if you so require them.

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Hi, please check your private messages with further instructions.

Did you get this sorted?

As a computer technician, I would like to help…

@Blood_Vipre please be careful with posting on old post.
@Tali is a moderator so there a high chance the issues was fix in private with the moderator and @deknarf


Lucy :heart:

Ok thanks… My daughters name is Lucy also…

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