No response from seller

Hello all
I bought a Windows 10 Pro Key yesterday (19 hours ago) and still have not received the key. The seller states he " ships within minutes if im online", otherwise its " within 24 hours". He was online at the time of the purchase but never sent the code. He is now online again, and still no response or key.
Gameflip states he has 3 days after purchase to send the key, although he says 24 hours. There is no “CANCEL” order button until day 3. I would actually like to cancel the purchase now. How would i do this?
I bought they key for a client in another town ( about an hour drive) and am no longer there and will not be there again for a week or two. So even if he sends the key, i wont be able to use it or verify its legit.
How do i go about canceling? What are my options?
Seller says 24 hours, shouldnt he be obligated to deliver within that time frame?
Note: I do realize he has 5 hours left.

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I contacted my client and agreed to send him the key over the phone and walk him through the activation process. I no longer need to cancel. I have sent him a message explaining as such.
I still would like an answer to the above post.
If a seller says shipped within 24 hours, does gameflip hold them responsible?
And how would i cancel if gameflip doesnt offer the button for 3 days?

Hey, do you mind sending me the code via PM so I can check the case for you and answer you properly?