Cannot cancel order, support takes 2-3 days....

How do I cancel an order? There’s no option under the items page to cancel, contacting support can take 2-3 business days, and previous purchases complete around 24 hours. Do I not rate the seller when the code comes to void the sale?

Also the seller has no contact information to have them cancel from their end.

If the Seller does not ship your item within “Seller sells in” + 1 day … These are the only cases where the Buyer can cancel an order.

You can dispute a transaction if the code isn’t working, but I don’t think you can cancel just because you changed your mind and don’t want it anymore. You can leave your invite code here if a moderator could help you.

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Gameflip, please cancel order AUTOMATICALLY after 24h and give NEGATIVE feedback to seller. People are tired of shitty and fake sellers.

Please don’t be come as seller If you can’t delivery item in 24h!!!