Seller not sending the item

Hello, I’ve purchased a $100 Amazon Card 1 day ago and seller has not sent gift code yet. The item says “Seller Ends in 1 Day” however it’s already been 1 day, how long until Gameflip automatically cancels the order? (Seller didn’t confirm he/she completed the transaction so status is still “waiting for delivery”)

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If it’s already been 1 day then you can cancel it yourself.

There’s no option for that on my end, it still says waiting for delivery

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What options do you have

I don’t have nay other options besides messaging the seller

Can you send me URL of item you’ve purchased

Also leave your Invite Code (It’s located on your profile below profile picture) and Order ID (can be found on your email or at > Your Purchases > Transaction ) I will tag @DarkKnight he will be able to assist you.


There is a grace period of 12 hours after delivery time is up. After that, you should be able to see a ‘Cancel’ button.

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