I never receive my Amazon Gift Cards code...


You ask to ping yourself here if there is a problem. so that’s what i do. as you have never replied to my messages on the transaction. from what is written on your ad we are supposed to receive the code (s) within 10-15min after ordering. And there it’s been 8 hours that I wait. I needed it quickly for a promotional purchase. I ask you to cancel my order quickly because I no longer need the cards now … I am disappointed. Can a Gameflip moderator take care of the cancellation of my order which was not respected in time please ? Thanks for help !

Here the link : https://gameflip.com/item/-100-00-amazon/cc8a0be7-fde9-4d19-b3c1-a4b9aa522075

Best to contact Support here with all screenshots of conversation (only if it is only you as you wrote that buyer did not reply) + Invite code + Order ID.
Link - https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
It would be the fastest way.

If you want a moderator to help here instead of contacting support to do so, please leave your invite code so the moderator can just check it instead of asking you here when they are available then you have to wait again after providing your invite code.

However, even though his description says 10-15 minutes, under the listing, it said that the buyer sends in ‘1 Days’ under the listing so technically he is not lying because he did not put it as ‘Auto Delivery’. He has 1 day to deliver before you can cancel it on your own. But because you want to cancel it and buyer has not DELIVERED code yet, the buyer has no excuse not to cancel and refund the money.

Just a Tip for future purchases - Buy from sellers that state ‘AUTO DELIVERY’. That way, you get your code ASAP when you purchase it.

Just an Active Gameflipper. Have A Good Day! Goodluck.

Thanks for your Help !!!
I’ll wait patiently that the seller answers me …

That is one way. Or you can cancel order after the stated deadline (1 Day) only if BUYER DOES NOT RESPOND (Because this is a giftcard code, if buyer gives a working code, there is pretty much no way to refund) . There will be an icon to cancel after the deadline is up.

Second way is to file a ticket to Support via Link above.
Will put Link here again - https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
If you clearly stated you do not want the item already and tried to contact a few times among different times among the 8 hours BEFORE seller sends code, if seller still sends code AFTER, then just don’t redeem and open dispute if he completes transaction. OPEN A TICKET TO SUPPORT IS THE BEST TO solve anything. They take care of everything.

Or you can both open a ticket to support + wait. Benefits you in the end, why not.
Have a Good Day.

I am a person not a robot to be glued to the monitor 24 hours a day, I apologize for the delay in giving answers I had to leave the emergency and lost track of this, I canceled your orders and well in future purchases I suggest you post before buying A protuct like this avoids this problem. sorry again.

Hello, I have purchased a gift card from this seller as well, got a used code, and seller said he will be sending a working code, but after 16 hours, I still haven’t received a code. I asked to cancel it and he hasn’t responded yet

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