gift card not recieved

I purchased a gift card from " All gift card :us:" for $100. Its been almost 24 hours. How do i get my money back? He is not responded to any of my messages. His add clearly states that the code will be sent in 1 day. I would just like a refund if possible. I needed the code by yesterday evening to purchase a gift for Xmas and now my deliver window has passed in regards to getting the gift delivered by Xmas…

My profile code is E77WES

You will have cancle option after 24 hours

He did the same to me. His codes are set to “auto delivery” but when the order comes it’s just emojis in the code box. Reported him for it but clearly no repercussions because he’s still posting like that. @MajorTom @DarkKnight

Let me guess, Amazon gift card?

Yep… He finally cancelled the transaction after more than 24 hours had passed. He claimed he was in the clinic for more than 24 hours…? But I had seen that he had completed transactions with other people, hours after I had purchased the gift card.

They’re all scammers. You’ll loe money like others on the site right now