Seller Never Delivered Code

what do I do if a seller never delivers a gift card code? I have been fortunate enough to never run into this issue on here before. Now I have a seller who promised to deliver in a day and it’s been over two days and still nothing. They message and ask if I’m ready and I respond and then they message again an hour later saying “okay now I’m ready” and then still never deliver. They have numerous gift cards posted currently and they seem to just post them in sequential pricing ($82.91,$82.91,$82.93, etc) which seems strange to me. There’s also comments on a current listing of his where two other people asked if they are going to receive their codes. Is this normal? What do I do about them not delivering the gift card code? Thanks in advance!


First thing you could do is sending a ticket to support. You could ask what potential solution there could be and how to do it. Link -

Did the seller clicked that he has given the code? Or he just never replies? If his timing is 1 delivery day, you can cancel order since it has been 2 days. If he tried to scam then you have to send a ticket to support.

Also a Tip - buy only from people who has auto delivery for codes so such things will never happen. Also check their ratings and buyer comments.


Based on what you wrote, he does seem suspicious. In the ticket to support, you should include his profile link and screenshot of the listing that two other people asked for their codes.

Since he messaged you and did not reply afterwards, easiest way is to cancel order if it goes above the delivery time to solve the issue. Only if they try to scam you by clicking I have sent item , then you 100% need to dispute as well as send ticket to support for faster progress.

I do not know his profile or how many he has sold or ratings as you did not provide his profile link here so that is all I can help based on my opinion.

Have a good day and hope it gets resolved.

Thank you for the information! I didn’t wanna call somebody out if maybe I was making a big deal out of nothing which I why I left them unnamed. I will cancel the order and I did open a ticket as well. Thanks again!