Seller won't deliver or communicate.

Seller refuses to communicate (I think he blocked me) or deliver goods for 9 days and counting. I believe he is setting up bogus items for sale and purposely not delivering. I submitted something to gameflip days ago with no response. What’s the process, where go from here? I want to be able to review him to ensure others are aware of his actions, but can’t until he delivers and completes the order.

If this has been ongoing for 9 days, that is way past the delivery allowance time. Go to your purchase section, select the order and cancel it. From there, you should be able to leave a negative review.

If they marked it as shipped (which isn’t the case for you), without sending the code/item, DO NOT rate them. If you do, you lose your money.

Please provide your invite code here (found on your profile) so that when a moderator sees this, they can use it to look into your problem.