Problem with this seller - Dispute Open

Well…already 24hs without an answer and its getting annoying.

Order ID - cf3e1835-d034-4ccf-a4c4-30da701faf29

dam those are some deals

Hey @Geronimo_Castreje,

Have you tried contacting Gameflip Support?

If your wait is from them, contact a moderator on here. They will be able to fix/answer your problems.

Gameflip Support

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already waiting the support answer

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So how long do you think I should wait for delivery before I say item not delivered?

It depends on what you bought. But usually you should give seller at least 12 hours due to timezone differences.
Buyers cannot cancel order though until delivery time + 12 hours of grace period is up.
Delivery time = ‘Seller sends in __days’.

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Hello @Geronimo_Castreje,

I have verified your order and can see that this order was already refunded to you.

Have an awesome day!

God Speed! :trident: