Can't Dispute Unresponsive Sellers

I have sent 2 emails to support about 4 individual purchases which have had no response from the sellers within the “seller sends in” time of 1 day. Due to the items never being delivered, there is no “I have an issue with the item I received” button for me to use to dispute the transaction. It appears my only option is to hope for support to contact me and refund me via the Gameflip Guarantee, which apparently rarely happens, based on the other topics in this forum. Is there really no way to contact Gameflip Support directly and get assistance with this kind of scam?

I’m having a similar issue, except my code was meant to be auto delivery, but was not automatically delivered. I don’t have a button to cancel or dispute the transaction, either.

A red cancel order option will appear after 48 hours of purchase. Just go to the order detail and scroll all the way to the bottom.

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