No one replied my ticket for over 10 days.

The seller marked the item as shipped but he had never sent it to me, I opened the dispute and he replied on gameflip that"Because i already sold it, idk why gameflip didn’t putted in like sold. "

It is very clear that the seller has never delivered,I have submitted several tickets to ask the customer support cancel the order,but I have waited over 10 days and never got reply. No one is helping me. The payment is still on hold now, hope you can look into this and solve this asap.

BTW,my code is Z1AXVA

Did they ever help you


Sorry to hear about your troubles.

You should probably post the Transaction ID for the purchase that you are referring to in this thread to assist the moderators.

I believe the Moderators are off during the weekend so I wouldn’t expect to hear anything until Monday, however, if you don’t hear anything you can contact one of the Moderators by PM:

Good Luck. Hope you get sorted.