i got scammed :'( please help

Ticket ID: 304924 please anyone respond

i sent him the game as gift on steam and told him to accept the order to receive my money he unfriended me and requested a hold on my item thats been sold to him… dont know what to do please if anyone could help me get my money from him i would so appreciate it

ticket id 304924 need a response on this one

Guys anyone?? where’s the support? Hurry please

open dispute , in order purchase ?

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What’s that turbo? explain more please dude im so worried since yesterday

and i made a ticket yesterday and still no repsonse! how much time do they take to respond?!

If the buyer paid for the item and you delivered a working item as described then Gameflip would side with you on the dispute and send you the funds eventually. Make sure you provide evidence like screenshots and receipts when Gameflip asks.

The tickets can take 1-3 business days for response.

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I’ve done all of this, i sent about 6 screenshots with the chat between me and him before he unfriend me on steam, So now i just have to wait? and thank you so much for your reply galactic

problem has been solved, thanks guys


Same issue. Mines still not solved.


If you pm’d me I’ll check it shortly.