Got scammed for 50$

Got scammed for 50$ the seller took my money then he claimed he delivered the 50keys and never gave them too me this happened 5days ago and I’ve been emailing Gameflip back to back and no reply!! Getting frustrated I took pictures of everything I need this resolved

I assume you have the transaction in hold? What is your invite code? (Can be found on your profile page). This will allow Gameflip to locate and look into your ticket sooner.

When you file a dispute, Gameflip will have your info. You just need to be patient as they have a lot backlog of tickets.

No the person marked the item as delivered and then went mia never heard from him after, I never rated him

Today is day 6 and still no help

Hey @Low_Low, can you please send me via PM your invite code so i can investigate this further?


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How do I pm you it’s confusing

Tap on DunnBiscuit’s icon and it will bring you to their account profile. From there you can pm them.

Bro help message me so I can reply cause I don’t see your message icon

Here’s my invite code GBPCRE
My order number 40c18516-a56e-4c61-9523-6b1c67cb22a2

Hey I checked your transaction and saew that it was completed, without a dispute being placed.

Therefore, since the transaction completed we can’t issue a refund unfortunately.