Scammer buyer want to scam me on 50$

A buyer bought an ingame item from me after receiving his item he tried to scam me by lying and saying that code didnt work after 2 days when he got code, he kept my order on hold for 2 days and then raised a dispute. I had code screenshots
date of receipt of code:
order id: 292929ef-d43f-4d3b-ba77-89c34e00c613
my inv code: P4EA2M

Also if you can, please check him online on gameflip, he ignore me 2 days after received code

Please check messages with other buyers and with him.
@DunnBiscuit, @MajorTom, @DarkKnight

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Why don’t any of the support answer me?

Hello 5febeaq5,

Sorry for the late response. This case was analyzed and closed in your favor

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Thanks too much

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