Can an order be canceled faster?

A day ago I purchased an Amazon gift card. The seller said under the listing that they would deliver in 10-30 minutes; 45 minutes later, they answered my message and said the card would be ready shortly. Fast forward to right now, its been a day and I’ve received no further updates from them. I’ve tried messaging them and gotten no response. One day is listed as the time that the seller sends by. I know there is a grace period of 12 hours for canceling orders; I was wondering if there was a way canceling could be expedited? Normally I’m not so impatient but the whole reason I got the gift card was because I wanted to get a Switch Lite and some games while they were still in stock. I’m worried that if I wait a bit longer they’ll go out of stock. Thanks!


Depending on the Delivery Time stated by the seller, you can cancel the order if Delivery Time is up + 12 hr Grace. There is no other way unless you ask the seller to cancel for you. Contacting Support to cancel for you will probably take more time than to wait it out for you to cancel the order.

My advise is always to buy from Sellers that put delivery as ‘Auto delivery’. You can record from the start of buying the listing to the end of using code. If it doesn’t work, you can easily open dispute with the proof. That way, this situation will never happen.

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