Can I cancel my order?

Is there a way to contact the seller or cancel my order?, My son brought Mario kart 8 while trying to buy Super Smash Bros is there anyway to cancel the order it was made today? Or at least contact the seller so we can change the game?
I haven’t received the code yet and it’s under revision.
Edit: My order is f2f99c36-f6ff-49b9-8148-7f3c0b0e9287

The cancel button is available the first few minutes of a purchase. Otherwise the cancel button will only show up after the seller fails to deliver on time. So if the code is “auto-delivery”, meaning you should see the game code immediately after buying, then there is no cancel button because you immediately get what you paid for.

On the order summary page (accessed from the Purchase list page), do you see “Key or Code”? Does it have a code? Be careful if the seller puts text/instruction in where the code is supposed to be, as it’s mostly scammers that do that.

it’s under revision

You mean the purchase is under review? You can try creating a support ticket to request a cancellation. You can also use the exchange messages on that order summary page to ask the seller to cancel the order.

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Thank you so much.
Yeah it’s under review I have already made a support ticket, thank you so much.
I still don’t have the ability to exchange messages.

Go to and click on your order. On the bottom left panel should be “Messages to Seller” with a box to enter text. If you don’t see that then you probably completed the transaction? If the page says transaction complete then the order cannot be cancelled.

If you’re using the mobile app, then the message feature is also on the Purchase page > click on your order > scroll down until you see “Message Seller”.

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