Dispute review?

Dispute review?

Hey there, I have been a user since 2018 but this is my first time getting a buyer that escalated the purchase and is under dispute. I am fine with it since I am aware that all my listings are legit, however I am not sure if this buyer after the whole process ends… he would be consider to rate me? Since I am 100% sure that he will rate me negative specially when the process go through. Thanks in advance!

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Spill the tea, link his username here. if he’s a rude Buyer, let us all know who he is. So other sellers can be aware of his existence. We deal with Buyers who receive their item, but then Dispute the order so they can get a refund. It’s an attempted Scam tactic, which obviously doesn’t work, because loyal Gameflip sellers always Screen Shot their Sales :wink:

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You can easily contact Support to get negative rating removed based on what you wrote. Also you can give him a bad rating back.

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Well I don’t have anything against him and I am sure he is raging against me just because of the frustration he may be dealing with. I just hope the dispute ends soon to get my credit, I will just block and move on. But I really appreciate the help, thank you very much!

Wow so apparently game flip just cancelled the sale and the buyer got his money back and I lost my key/code. I didn’t even get any explanation by game flip, the user redeemed the code. How can this be possible? Where is the seller guarantee?

You will need to DM MajorTom/DarkKnight about that and also contact Support.
DM them details , order ID and profile code.

Did you send any proof during the dispute?. Not possible that the dispute is closed like that if you submitted proof that code was indeed yours + code was used after purchase.

Information about disputes - https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000885633-How-to-open-a-dispute-

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Yes, you can do something about it. VVV DM with details and proof.

Image of what? Did you send it via the dispute?

Give them a screenshot of that as well and the order ID so they can check it

The image of my code being legit and what it included, clearly enough. I DM major tom thanks hopefully he can do something about it. Appreciate it your time!

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I apologize for off topic. please tell me how to create a topic ?

Go to the right side dropdown list, Click New.

Click + New Topic

Since it is off topic, just DM if got further doubts on creating a topic.
Click the profile picture -> Message to DM someone.

No he won’t be allowed to post a rating for a dispute won by you. Imagine all the negative feedback’s you’d see anywhere if this was allowed:))

Hello um i am new and i dont know how to get help on a purchase, 2 items from same seller 1st one completed but second one is still under review

my code is 37TS4Q


If you need help regarding Gameflip matters, best to open a ticket to Support or DM MajorTom/DarkKnight (forums).

Or you can also make a new topic on forums.

Okay thank you I did the ticket already. Thank you for your help