Fake dispute by buyers, after using the code

My order no b5c72bfa-9312-4f0f-9982-60b71dbbdfa7 the buyer create a fake dispute after using the codes, still Gameflip refund them? I have no profit now, sell keys and refund the amount of profit. In this order I want my money back.

Hello, if you want to appeal to the support team decision, please open a ticket to them so they can provide you further help.

Also, remember to send evidence of the code being valid, or even the code redemption time.

Thank you.

It depends on who has more stronger evidence to prove than not. You need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your side is correct before a conclusion can be reached.

The same thing happened to me, the buyer is Kevin Owens, please friend tell me if you got help!

You should create a support ticket. Your forum account are not associated with your Gameflip account, so if you want to contact the moderators then they need your profile code or order ID.

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Steam usually reply in 1-2 day.Also you must ask to buyer for send his code activation history.Hope your problem solved.