Finally got 100 feedback :)

Ive been on gameflip for about 2, maybe 3 months now and finally got to 100 feedback rating :slight_smile: I have 2 neutral and 2 bad. But the 1 of the bad ratings was from a guy who took 70 hours to get his item them blamed it all on me (back before I had 20 rating) and the 2nd is from a guy who literally never even added me or messaged me his steam name… kinda got screwed on that one. 1 of my neutrals was because the guy bought a item for the wrong platform n gave me a neutral but said “im doing this because of myself and I was to dumb to buy for the right platform” he meant well but he kinda didnt understand ratings I guess. but all in all. IM happy about it.

Congrats! It’s nearly impossible to be perfect, so a couple marks here and there is normal.

Can u check my case fubar i would like to cash out my 400$

I’m not support so I can’t help out. You should always create a ticket to get support’s response by logging into > Support

Werent u support before? I think i saw in in moderators