$300 Payment Cancelled by Gameflip

After saving up $700 for a rather expensive listing, I was going to purchase the item I wanted on Friday but you have to add funds to your wallet for anything that expensive. I then added $300 to my wallet (after asking a friend to lend me $30 for all the processing fees) which got put up for review and shortly after my I.D. documentation was put up for review as well. I’ve used that verified I.D. to buy almost $2000 worth of in game items on Gameflip so I don’t understand why that wouldn’t be sufficient anymore. My new documentation was approved Friday afternoon but for some reason the $300 wallet transfer never got approved. I know nobody works weekends at Gameflip so I expected to wait until Monday for the payment to go through. Though instead of waking up to a successful payment, Gameflip has cancelled my payment and said they would refund it. Don’t I get penalized for that? It says not to cancel payments that are under review because wait time will be longer the next time so why cancel it for me? Now the whole process starts again. Another $309 payment this morning and would you look at that, under review once more. At this rate someone will buy the listing before I even get the money for it into my account.

Holy moly this is gonna take years, under review once more.

“Your order was place on hold for our system to review your payment information.” Either that system doesn’t exist and it’s just a few guys approving orders or it needs to be worked on. Also can’t even contact the seller about the purchase without anyone else seeing it on comments because there’s no messaging system either. I’ve been put under review 4 times in less then 24 hours. What else is there to review?

In fact, there is a messaging system and many people use it.

Do you have to pay for it or something? How do you access it? The enable messaging thing pops up for a split second but then goes away and shows me this

Each seller has a contact button in their profile. Some vendors turn it off. Also, this button is present on every page with offers.

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Ahh that explains it then. Nobody that I’ve purchased from in the past had it turned on so I never knew. Sorry my mistake, I now know the messaging system does work. Now if they could only get the under review “system” to work as well.


Hello @Edited,

Sorry for the wait.

Could you please provide me your invite code so I can take a look into your account?

God Speed! :trident:

If you use a debit card the transactions goes through almost instantly. If you use a credit card it takes a while for it to be processed.