1 issue and 1 question

First issue I have was that I purchased an item that was didn’t work for what i needed it for and the owner of the item was fine with cancelling the item. The transcation was therefore officially cancelled and I received an email notifying that i will be receiving my full refund. I checked my acitivty log, and there it was, my refund shown on my activity log… But it wasn’t available in my virtual gameflip wallet for me to withdraw back into my bank account. It’s been about a week, and customer support through email is very slow to respond, I’m afraid that I’ll never get my money back.

Second thing I want to mention is a question. If I list an item and for the part where it says how much time it will take me to deliver the item I put 1 day, what happens if something very inconvenient happens to ruin my time schedule and by the time im free the buyer is asleep or not responding anymore and 24 hours is up, what happens then? Can I reschedule with the buyer or do I have to list the item over again, and will I be punished if I just wait to deliver the in-game item to him the next day? Thank You!


Let me answer you like this:

The issue, please contact me via PM, send your invite code and the linsting info so I can check it and help you further about the refund.

Regarding the question: the buyer will be able to cancel the transacion after the time has passed, but, to avoid that you can contact him and reach an agreement regarding another delivery date.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Thank you!

I’m new to this so how would I PM you?

Click on his image and then “Message”

It says that I am unable to send message to this user…

The forum locks out some features for new users to prevent spam, if you browse the forum for some minutes it’ll unlock the features. If you can’t still private message by clicking the user’s icon and “Message” button, you could just post your invite code in this thread.

Yeah I figured it out when I was upgraded to basic permissions randomly after viewing other related issue topics. Thank you for the clarification though man.