I had made a purchase on the mobile app, and then it made another one for a product I hadn’t even confirmed I’d wanted.

So, I had transferred a certain amount of funds to make a first time purchase on the app, and after I’d finished it, I went to browse other items. I’m not sure what happened, but apparently, a second purchase was made of nearly $90 that I did not make nor authorize. Is there a way to fix this?

I honestly don’t know.

But I can check what can be done (if anything can be done). Please, send me your invite code so I can try to help you?


If it’s not a one time use item the seller should be able to help you out if you can message them right away. (Something physical they could just not send or an in-game skin on a bot will refund after a period of time. for example). I’d let the seller know either way. I’ve had a few times as a seller where someone bought a code they couldn’t redeem due to region restrictions and I had the buyer put the trade on hold until I was able to sell it elsewhere and then refunded. (Not sure if this would still work as the dispute system is a bit different now).

My code is D64HBW

And I had gotten a refund, so that is sorted. But now I’m trying actually transfer funds, and I’m getting a code in my bank statement, but I’ve nowhere to enter it on Gameflip.

I don’t have anything showing up in the pending section of the wallet either, so I’m wondering what may be wrong.

Hello, as I checked, you canceled the transaction before I could check it. So I can’t help you further.

Sorry. If you need any further help, let me know.