1st time user and i just got scammed

Im trying to submit a dispute but I keep getting an error when I do so please help

I purchased a google play gift card and received an invalid code its been about 2hrs now and he hasn’t replied im not sure what to do since I cant send a dispute without getting an error notification pop up.

here is my acc code: 5UBDCU

Use the mobile app to open the dispute. This still works

Thanks that worked perfectly. Another quick question should I wait to purchase another gift card.

I needed those credits asap cause of an in game event that’s timed. Is it ok if I go ahead and purchase another gift card or should I wait for this to go through?

I would recommend to NOT buy gift cards at all since the seller could refund it afterwards (after you payed hin) than you will be charged twice… very usual at the moment…

Same thing happened to me except I was selling and I gave the guy the stuff he bought but I didn’t get the money and I can’t contact him so I just lost two really good items

How did u send payment?

Can you send me your invite code via PM so I can check your issue?

Also, can you tell me which error showed up when trying to open a dispute?