Don't buy amazon giftcards!!!

My 500$ giftcard was on hold and then disappeared today!! The seller will not answer me! I have bought like over 100 giftcards never had a problem! I sent in a ticket to gameflip. I hope they help me out!

Nowadays fraudsters like to sold digital Amazon gift card because they can claim Amazon that code was redeemed by someone else. Once you completed transaction, fraudsters can start get your money then get refunded gift card from Amazon. This is what happened i facing.

Hello everyone,

In these cases, if you have a problem with your order that is still ongoing always open a dispute and escalate for the Support Team to check or if the order has already been completed, please contact the Support Team through using the link below ok.

For questions on how to open a dispute, please check the following link:

God Speed! :trident: