Buyer refused to give refund back

Bought google gift card from seller when i enterd the code it said need more info i figured something was wrong and i enterd again i got the same message i immediately contacted the seller to notifi them the gift did not work that goolge need more info the seller sends me a digital image screenshot of the gift card i immediately input the the sent the photos provided by the seller to google the message said wrong gift card and wrong app i contacted the seller for a response the seller then told me that google will respond in 2hrs then seller says to that in 2hrs if google respond that i can get my refund on the giftcard the keeps playing and giving excuses and stalling please help me someone the order number is ed7d8815-1ccc-439e-8524-762ca8544e15 i also have screen shots of the message when i enter the code in the playstore please someone help.

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You can open Dispute and Escalate it.
Provide what is required to Gameflip.

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Also, the seller does not have a real picture of the gift card the seller sent me a digital picture the seller did not send a picture of the front and back of gift card only digital image of the front of the gift card in Spanish

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Do you mean a history of stuff I bought before on the play store

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No, that is not needed. Did you open and escalate the Dispute yet? Once you do, you have to provide Evidence.

Please read about the Dispute article above. (Click into it) It has all the required information you need to know about Disputes like how it works and what you need to provide.
It is best to contact the Gift Card Company Support yourself to ask about the error message and why there is an error.

Since it’s in Spanish, it could be that it is only usable if your in Spain? I’m not sure about this.

I opend the dispute since yesterday sent the screenshot of the errors

I spoke to google yesterday they opend a case of giftcard scam i have the transcript and the case number

I already purchased a google play store gift card, so you need to buy a card for your region and then when you redeem, it’s going to ask personal information and you can put your information into it. I did it, worked and I don’t needed to ask seller for help. Don’t use VPN as a attempt to redeem a specific region, google will ask for ID documents and billing adress