Purchased gift card, doesn't work, dispute feature not working, support taking forever to reply.


Bought a $300 gift card, can’t redeem, dispute feature wouldn’t work (won’t submit), support taking forever to reply and my window to dispute is closing soon.

Invite code: ZN5EZ2
Order id: 0d2a64c6-6e99-43c0-add4-e1427857ce13

Another user had problems using the dispute feature on the website, could you try using the mobile apps Android or iOS to open a dispute? Did you get the same error message as that user?

Just did that, though I didn’t manage to upload any screenshots/images. Can i have the process expedited somehow? I wanted to get the gift card to get a gift for my friend who’s graduating but I’ve been stuck in limbo for a few days now… :persevere:

I saw you managed to open the dispute. I answered your ticket. Check my answer within your e-mail.


Thank you and I’ve replied to your response.

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It’s been a few days since the last response. Can I please know what’s going on with the dispute? I’ve not gotten any help from support or the seller so far and my money is stuck in limbo for almost a week already.

Hello, as I checked the support team replied to you.

Please answer them with the information asked. Please bear in mind that open tickets might take up to 1 week to be answered.

Thank you.