Dispute not resolved and topic closed

Sorry for bringing up a new topic but you closed my previous one without resolution.

I really don’t understand what is going on here, my purchase dispute is going into its 9th day now and still not resolved.

You did kindly reply to my topic and asked for specific info that I have sent you (exactly as you requested) but again I’m being kept in the dark with no resolution, no updates from gameflip and no replies, again just like before.

So what is really going???!!! Are you giving an advantage to the fraud seller who was just registered on November 2017 and never rated before against an active buyer since February 2017 with all positive ratings of 60+ purchases.

This is really unacceptable and becoming more and more frustrating.

I hope that you do not close this topic again like the previous one and wishing that you really finish this dilemma immediately.

Thank you in advance.

Guys!!! What is happening???

It’s 10 days now, what are you doing???

I want working codes or my wallet funds back.

Just to remind you (Order ID df157c3c-2ecd-4210-99ef-ce84e1858f7a) and (Case ID 167886).

You admitted in your previous reply, in the topic that you closed, that you’ll finish the investigation if I sent you the precise exact information you requested which I did 2 days back so what are you waiting for?

Finish this thing already.


I’ll check your case now. Please note, opened cases may take up to 7 complete business days to be answered.

Thank you.

Finally resolved.

Thank you.