Dispute taking so many days

I really don’t understand how long does dispute procedure takes to be reviewed and resolved.

My order with ID (df157c3c-2ecd-4210-99ef-ce84e1858f7a) was disputed 5-6 days back and I have a case with number (167886) and it’s not resolved yet.

The seller clearly is stalling and I have suspicions towards him, however, that was not what was I expecting from Gameflip as providing protection for their members and buyers.

There is clear evidence from the messages between the seller and me and you can tell from my ratings history who is the fraud here and who is the victim (he has never been rated before, it’s his first sale).

This is not acceptable and disputes should be handled more rapidly not to encourage frauds and rewarding them for actions like that.

Please gameflip staff, you can find all the details in my case #(167886) and in messages history between the seller and me.

Please verify and finish this problem immediately.

Thank you for your kind care.

PSN support already confirmed that the codes are inactive (not activated).

So please guys someone finish this issue for me, I need my wallet balance back so I can use it in other purchases.

I checked and answered your request. I asked for more specific information to finish the investigation of your case.

Once sent, please PM me, so I can check it directly. If there is something missing, I won’t be able to help you further.