Problem With Prolonged Dispute

I don’t understand why my dispute is taking forever to be reviewed and resolved.

My order with ID (5ff9f1df-96e9-4c30-b791-da81a7b4a0ad) was disputed 4-5 days back and I have an active dispute and it’s not resolved yet nor have I received any updates.

The seller has not made any attempts to make this situation right. I submitted as much proof as someone who bought a code could. I have nothing in my “re download” section I always make a video when I redeem codes just to avoid this. Seller’s only response is that I redeemed on another account, good try." Like I have never had this type of experience on this app and the app tells me to verify all these things and can’t even respond to me.

There is clear evidence but this issue is being prolonged by seller, all I asked for was a valid code or money back. I purchased two codes for this game already for myself and another friend since they see me as the “deal guy” and came across this too good to be true deal to get one for my friend to play with me if you check my purchase history I have never had a faulty transaction. The seller seemed legit however in the past this has been an issue before as I seen. I’m not trying to make this complicated but when I don’t get what I paid for that makes me very upset and makes me want to delete this application.

Please help me have this addressed the best way possible I will send whatever proof, I ended up sending my friend $55 to cover the damages in hopes I would get my refund.

Thank you,


Have you tried contacting Support regarding this matter?

As long proof is there and is valid, you will get the refund. Send a ticket to Support if you haven’t.


I sent a ticket and have gotten no response I literally had this dispute open for an entire week.

It’s been 7 days and counting no replies from Gameflip, just been under dispute with no one attending to me and my money. I’m literally disowning this app and never using it again, this is ridiculous.