How long does it take for a dispute to be resolved, and what’ll happen if the seller never responds?

Wanted to buy an outfit off of Gameflip for Fortnite, and I heard from a friend the auto-sending ones were the safest way. Went for an auto-sender and the seller didn’t actually include a code, in fact telling me I should complete transaction and I’ll get a code through email. I put a dispute instead and was wondering how long this’ll take? What happens if the seller doesn’t respond or give me my code? I really don’t want to end up losing my money. Very worried rn

dont complete till u recive and redeem ur code.

Did not complete it yet. I opened a dispute as soon as I saw the code was not there. I am wondering how long these disputes take, and what happens if the seller doesn’t respond in the 5 day timeframe.

no dont wait , esclate direct btw gimme his profile link

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Yes please escalate like mznv suggested and also if you can share that sellers profile on here so ppl can be aware and avoid buying from them until they are banned. Thanks :sunglasses::facepunch:

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This is their profile link. A review came in just recently too saying this guy is a scammer.

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Thank you for sharing :sunglasses::facepunch:

You’ll win if seller never responds. I was on vacation and I lost the dispute :frowning:

The seller responded telling me to clear dispute to get the code (I know this was a trick, clearing it means I agree to complete the transaction) so I escalated it. Been waiting for a day-ish now.

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Probably hear from them Monday as they aren’t really here on weekends I don’t think.

GOOD NEWS: THEY CANCELLED IT!! Really happy!!! Took a lil but worth the wait.

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@MajorTom @DarkKnight

Please ban this guy for trying to have people complete transaction to receive item via email. You can see a couple people have completed this and have lost their money.

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Hey @MadMan,

The user was successfully suspended :wink:

Have a wonderful day everyone.

God Speed! :trident: