Is there really any buyer support?

So I bought a code for a fortnite skin. My main account has that skin already and I always enter the code on that account to see if that code is working. If it is a working code I get the message “cannot redeem, you already own this product” if it isn’t a working code then I get the message " This code has already been used." I was planning on using the code on my siblings account but the code was not working. My first purchase, the seller told me to complete the purchase right away which to my understanding I should do it once i use the code and am sure that its a a working one. Since i didn’t complete at right away like the seller wanted, I assume they gave out the code to another person. i opened up a dispute because the seller claimed that I had used it. I provided evidence of the error messages that I got and my redemption history to show proof that I haven’t used the code. I waited around 8 days for the dispute and suddenly the transaction was cleared and the email said that I had worked with the seller to resolve the issue which was a total lie. I recently made another purchase with a different seller where the seller once again told me to complete the transaction right away. I tested the code and it was a working one at first. I explained that I haven’t redeemed it and that I will do so soon on the account since I was busy. They once again message me to complete the transaction and once i tried the code, I get the message that its already been used. What is going on here? I opened up a dispute again and am currently waiting on game flips decision. Why is it that the sellers who tell me to complete the order immediately are scamming me this way? Other sellers, including the one i used the code for, patiently waited until I used the code and were not in a rush and even left me good feedback as did I. I’ve been having good thoughts about this platform and was hoping to do plenty of purchases here but after these two incidents I am really starting to change my mind. That’s a $60 loss which I could have spent on another site. I really want to remain here, so I hope I can get some help on this issue.

Even though you open up a dispute, if you don’t escalate the dispute, it just auto rolls into a problem solved by the seller. If you don’t provide concrete evidence after the escalation, then they will side with the seller.

There has to be some kind of protection for the seller to for those that use codes, as a lot of people will use on an alt account and then go back to their main and it says its been used. Just some dirty tricks out there, so if the seller can prove its a valid code, they will usually side with them.

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I do agree that a seller needs as much protection as they can get but it kind of sucks for the buyer when the seller takes advantage. I escalated the issue and waited for Gamflips decision but there was no sort of communication which really ticked me off. Those sellers who are in a rush to complete the purchase seem suspicious to me. It really hurts to be scammed and the seller winning their case by simply saying “it worked when I sent”. While that may be true, it doesn’t clear the fact that they can later send their code to another if I don’t complete the purchase or redeem at the time they ask. I try to be as polite and understanding with the sellers but they just say I’m a liar. Is that seriously enough to get me to lose what I paid for?

I understand the frustration completely. You can submit a ticket at the below site.

This may take 1-2 business days for them to respond. You can also give your profile code here on the forum and a moderator might be able to look into the disputed cases for you. All you really need to do is take a screenshot of the code not working, and a picture of your inventory or skins or whatever the item was supposed to be and show that the item isn’t there, and this should get the case in your hand.

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You should have read the page you were in and escalated the issue.
If you had read it you would had seen the option to escalate the issue, which you did not. Therefore the system automatically assumed you had worked out the problem with the seller.

This is how the dispute on Gameflip works => you open a dispute and send proof of your claim; the seller
has 4 days to send his proof of his claim or the transaction will get cancelled and the money will return to the buyer. As the seller send the proof of his claims, the buyer will have the option to escalate the dispute to the moderation. If the dispute is escalated, the moderation will take from 5 to 10 business days to solve the dispute. If dispute is not escalated the transaction is automatically completed as the buyer has not done any other asction after the seller provided the proof of his claims.

I believe I mentioned it before, I did escalate the issue but there was no communication after that. I waited and got the email that I settled it with the seller. That wasn’t the case.

Since you did not make any agreement with the seller and escalated the issue you should definitely seek support, then (keep in mind moderators don’t work on weekengd so your ticket will take a while to be answered). On that line the “settled with the seller” should have only appeared as the reason for ending the dispute if the issue was not escalated.

Update on the situation. I guess I’m finally done with this platform. I had 2 support tickets open for 2 different occasions. One asked for information which I provided. The other also asked for information and I replied saying that I already sent all info on a different ticket, they replied saying that since I didn’t give them any information that they will just complete my dispute. They completely ignored my message saying that I had already sent the information they asked for. I then got a reply to the email many days later telling me that they had already closed the dispute based on evidence from both sides. I wonder what kind of BS evidence the scammers provided them with. It really hurts that I lost around $60 on a platform I thought was really great and supportive. What makes me feel worse is that those 2 sellers are still able to sell and fool other people. I really would hate for other victims to appear out of them. So I conclude that there really isn’t any true buyer support and I can not really recommend this site to anyone anymore. My profile code is M5Q7ES in case a moderator would like to take a look at some point. I hope everyone can be careful using this platform and not get fooled like I did, hope you all have a wonderful day.

Make sure you supply your dispute evidence within the transaction dispute UI for speedy response.

That’s the thing. I did go through that at first but the dispute was closed pretty quickly and I got an email saying I settled it with the seller which was a lie.