Question about a code Purchase

Hello, So I recently purchased a Fortnite code for a skin for $10 and it’s now under review, I have a few questions and I DID read the Terms of Service but I just want to be sure.

  1. If the code doesn’t work, can I get a refund and how would I provide proof?

  2. How long does the “Under Review” take?

  3. What can I do if I was scammed?


Edit: So I got informed that the Fortnite skins (Honor Guard) are no longer a skin since it got removed and can no longer be redeemed if that is true and the case, can I just get the refund? Do I do what step one says?

1- a) Record the moment of the purchase until the moment you try to activate the code and receive the message that the code was invalid/already used; or
b) take screenshots of the full screen showing the code you tried to activate and a subsequent screenshot of the message that the code was invalid/already used.

2 - It depends on how complex the case is (e.g.: one party adds extensive proof that the code was good while the other adds extensive proof that the code was already used). Sometimes the moderators will send message to the place where the code had to be redeemed in order to know the moment it was redeemed, so it might take a while for them to receive a feedback on that. But usually it takes from 5 to 10 business days taking from my very limited experience on this matter.

3 - If the sale went through? Not much… perhaps you could ask the scammer to repent his/her evil deeds and search for redemption by returning your money.

I would take especial care on the 1st point in order to avoid the 3rd from happening :stuck_out_tongue:

If it takes 5 - 10 business to get a item, then i’m never purchasing anything here again. But thank you for the other two points. :slight_smile:

Oooops… Sorry, I misread your post! I meant to talk abvout under dispute. Under review shouldn’t take long.
I’ve only faced “under review” stuck once (I even created a topic here because of it). But considering I’ve made more than 20 purchases on Gameflip without said problem, it was not that big of a deal.
It usually doesn’t take long.

Edit: what a mess. I tried adding another reply but ended up erasing this comment. Then wrote it again.

Oh gotcha haha, I’ve used this site 2 years ago and I forgot about the “Under Review” thing. First purchase I made went through but other purchases I don’t remember if they got declined or I cancelled them. I hope it doesn’t take to long, as it’s already been an hour.