Refunding on code

So this kid bought a fortnite skin code from me, he redeemed it and it shows on his epic redeem history that he redeemed it, yet skin is not in his account cz of some epic failure, I told him to email epic, but he is asking now for a refund, should I refund him? Or am I right?

ur right , many kids act like the code has been redemmed

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I ended up refunding him, dnt wanna risk a bad review, And we all know gameflip supports unfortunately buyers more than sellers :confused:

Hey. You know he could’ve easily sent a screenshot of an alternate epic account which didn’t have the skin. Buyers do it all the time to scam. If a buyer doesn’t have video proof, from beginning to end of code entry, you aren’t obligated to refund. I have an order under dispute as we speak for a code that the buyer used then disputed hours later.

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Bad rating can be easily removed by stuff, you shouldn’t refund anyone if your code is valid and redeemable. It’s your money, you just gave it away. If you have proof, send a ticket to gameflip, they will review it and if it’s promising you will get your money. You can create ticket here

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Ty all, next time I won’t refund them if I was sure am right

He can restart ps i think that helps

He tried twice he said

i don’t think you have to refund