Seller sent me used code.

Bought a fortnite wonder skin code from DropShopFortnite with automatic delivery. Went to use the code and it had already been redeemed. Opened dispute and sent proof to the seller. Seller kept ignoring me until finally saying that all his codes worked when he put them in. I responded saying that was false and even showed the proof. Seller just keeps ignoring these messages and hasnt done anything to resolve the issue. Some please help me since I just wasted my last $20 on a used code. Order number is 37e49e97-9c31-46e2-a03e-94a4379aac3b

Edit : I think the guy is legitimate but just made a mistake putting the same code twice possibly. What can I do? I have a bad feeling he may win the dispute since he has a lot of positive ratings and no negatives. I really hope I didn’t just lose $20

they can’t make mistakes with key as if u write the same key 2 times gameflip system don’t let’s u pet it in unless u change something like u can’t
u just can’t write this same key again unless u change letter in it or add something like
but they may got difactive key or something, 1 question what platform is it as if it xbox or psn u can contact the support and ask them when the key was redeemed im not sure if epic tells u as will

Thanks for the help. Got the seller to give me a new code that worked.

that is great news.

You can just remove the dashes or add a message after and send the same code lol. Don’t spread nonsense.

yeh i know and that and i say to him the buyer can’t send same code 2 times as the system stops that from happening so if the buyer did it it’s not mistake as i know u can change small thing then it’s will work

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