The transactions were cancelled after being completed


Wow very strange. Unfortunately I have nothing to add but wanted to see how this unfolds. Never seen a completed sale be reversed.

Dunn will help.




This is a rare case, but I can solve it, please send me the order IDs from the purchase that were rejected if possible.

Note that this is nor related to any hack whatsoever, and we need to check the situation to why this happened. Send me the information requested via PM so I can provide you further help.



I sent them



Why i didn’t get any help ?



Give it time. They’re looking into it plus its the weekend. Im sure if @DunnBiscuit didnt reply let you will get a reply tomorrow on Monday with some information.

Lucy :heart:


Dont rush it. They have a lot of cases to go through. You will be helped. :wink:


I sent all the reqiured information but nothing happened !

Why so late? @DunnBiscuit


Give it little bit more time @DunnBiscuit did said its a rare care so may take little longer to do it.

Lucy :heart:


I already answered you but I think you pmed again right?

I’ll check it asap.

I’m just running through the new posts.



What’s problem with you people ?

It’s your problem to deal with this kind of scammers. I listed 5*50$ Google play gift cards and 3 of them were sold safely without any problem.

You asked me to wait and i did for a week so you should tell me what’s the problem here ?



I don’t know why you need so much time to investigate. The guy reversed all the payments he did from PayPal!

He is officially a scammer!


Good luck. Gameflip just let someone steal 100 bucks from me so that’s cool. I knew I shouldn’t have relied on a shady site.


Just make a post here and ask dunnbiscuit he would help You. Don’t give up


The user doesn’t have such power to reverse payments.

I need to check this further. Please PM me and then send me the order IDs, i’ll gladly help you further.

Thank you.


No one stole nothing from you.

If you have issues please PM me and tell me more about this.

I’ll help you further then.


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