Help - Selling Problem - Download code

A new buyer on Gameflip with no ratings purchased a download code in my store. I was a bit hesitant for a moment, but I try not to discriminate and give people with no ratings a chance. After the payment was confirmed, I messaged the buyer and sent the code. The buyer didn’t reply after 24 hours+. Then out of nowhere, they opened a case against me and put the transaction on hold. I messaged them again asking them to communicate with me and tell me the problem they are having, but once again, they are incapable of responding. I received the code in a Nintendo Switch bundle I purchased from Gamestop. I have my receipt and online confirmation of purchase as proof. Additionally, I contacted Nintendo to verify that my code was valid and they looked into the code and said it was ready for use. I documented this entire conversation with them and Gameflip can easily contact and do the same to confirm the legitimacy of my code. Please look into this and put this scamming clown in his place. I can provide any proof necessary, if support responds one day.

Hello Modern,

Please, contact the support team with all the proofs you have, including the purchase receipt and the conversation with Nintendo. Once you send it, the team will be able to check all the information and help you with this.


Hi @DunnBiscuit

I messaged them 2 days ago to find out what was going on, but I haven’t heard back from them. I am waiting to hear back before submitting additional information because I was told in the past that if I submit a ticket and I keep adding things to it, it will get pushed back.

Hey @ModernRetro, it is better to send them all the info you have, since they can check them and solve the issue without contacting you back and letting the ticket pending/opened.

An opened ticket may take up to 48 hours to be answered. And now, the ticket won’t be pushed back as they told you. It will be in the same position within the queue it was when you first sent it.


@DunnBiscuit Alright, thanks for updating me about this. I sent them all the proof through the same ticket.

Support seem to have stopped responding. What will happen in this situation? The buyer finally responded after I delivered the code to him a few days ago. He claims to have had problems with the code and made several attempts. However, I contacted Nintendo support on the phone and through their online chat and all three times and they verified that the code has not been attempted, redeemed and is ready for activation. This buyer also claims they “tried different regions” but the Nintendo Switch is region free so that is a complete lie on their part. On top of all this, he just so happened to conveniently not communicate with me through all of this, went ahead and opened a case against me and has now purchased the game in the eshop and would like a refund after seeing and having access to the code.

Normally I am very open to doing business with new user and giving them a chance, but the actions and false claims of this one just doesn’t sit right with me. They seem like the type of person to play the system. The moment the transaction is cancelled and they get a refund, they will redeem the code.

Gameflip Support has resolved the problem! :slight_smile: